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Shani Wehl was born in Namibia. Being a daughter of a Namibian netball player and couch,  gave her a natural ability to become a great athletic person in her school years, practiced with world class athletes like, olympic gold medalist Frankie Fredericks. Her mom is a top teacher and primary school leader and her father being a Namibian bike racer and working in mechanical engineering, gives her a combination of skills to excel in leadership and creativity.

She had a desire to explore and discover by traveling the world. She has travelled to many different countries, met and worked with various types of people and celebrities, enjoying the variety of ordinary to glitz and glam! ~ which gave her a wide perspective on life and the industry.

She has always, from a young age, been interested in the human skin and body. Which is why she started studying beauty, Esthetician, in the USA (2004). Her main passions has always been fashion and make-up, which in 2007 she got an opportunity to do make-up for 2 commercials as well as a Bollywood film, called Drona. She knew immediately that she'd like to develop her natural talent in the make-up artistry and pursue her dream in becoming a top diverse make-up & hair artist.

She loves being creative and being able to express herself in make-up, dancing and music.

She believes in following your dreams and in respecting the process of learning and growing in reaching your full potential in your gifts and talents. Her desire will always be to fulfill her life's purpose and to be the very best she can be in all she does.

She completed, the full time make-up and hair course, and qualified at The Makeup Issue (in Cape Town), which really helped her to unlock more of her potential.

Her natural ability in precision, good eye for detail and the perfection of her specialized techniques makes her work stand out!


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